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About Me

Danah Alfares is a Kuwaiti makeup artist with over 11 years of experience in the industry. She is well-known for her exceptional artistry and attention to detail. Danah is a versatile makeup artist with experience in various genres, including editorial, bridal, and production. Her expertise in color theory and immaculate application skills make her highly sought-after.

Danah has a unique beauty philosophy that aims to enhance natural features and create stunning makeovers. She has worked with numerous celebrities, fashion labels, and photographers, creating makeup looks that perfectly embody their personalities and flair.

Work for Zain Campaign, Ramadhan ‘21

With Danessa Myricks

Danah has learned and practiced under the supervision and brilliant tuition of Regional and International master MUAs such as: Ashwag Alenezi, Talal Morcos, Bassam Fattouh, Jordan Liberty, Spencer (PaintedbySpencer), Danessa Myricks, James Molloy, David Horne, Kimberley Lever, Shasha Nikolina, Olga Tomina.

With Sasha Nikolina

With Olga Tomina